Saturday, April 3, 2010

'How to Train Your Dragon' early concept art circa 2004-2005

Here is some of my early concept art from 'HTTYD'. It's amazing how long it can take to make a good animated feature film and remarkable how much the story can change in five years.

This is Valhallarama, Hiccup's mum, who never made it into the final film. Below is Old Wrinkley who also got cut.
Toothless (above) was more like a petulant five year old in the early days.


Josh Sheppard said...

Very nice stuff- looks like it was fun to do.

Anonymous said...

This looks alot more like the book version, which is nice to see. I loved the movie, but it varied greatly from the book series. Indescribably so.
Toothless in the book, was in fact, a small common garden dragon thing who did have the personality of a five year old. Hiccup could also talk to him.
Thanks for posting!

Chelsea Odd said...

Totally awesome to see all these amazing "HTTYD" drawings!!!