Friday, August 21, 2009

Here are some faces I saw whilst sketching at the Farmers Market near the Grove yesterday.


Luc Desmarchelier said...

Hey Paul,
You bagged a few classics on this Farmer's Market session. Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit on 'Harmattan', and thank you for the clarification about mixing paint in a bucket. It just goes to show that without context or at least a shared frame of references, communication is at best an awkward business. I am now looking forward to checking out this 1961 movie.
All the best.

"TORI CAT" said...

Beautiful work!!
I really love your character studies!! So much life to them.... they really feel animated.
I also really love your water colour thumbnails/story boards for Spirit. Really lovely!!
I hope you dont mind, but i have added a link to your blog on my list of inspiring talents.
I'll be back soon!!
Thank you for sharing.x

Thomas Thesen said...

hello Paul, how are you? I was looking for 'spooky castles' online and found your page...

Thomas Thesen