Friday, May 23, 2008

I am particularly keen on what technology has given us daubers to work with. It seems increasingly irrelevant to paint and draw images (I include Photoshop) for animated films that are no longer 2D and graphic. To this end I often design in what I call Maya sketches; quickly built, virtual, 3D environments that will give me several viewpoints of the same scene. I can also change the lighting, the camera lens (say from 25mm to 100mm), and re-position or re-scale various elements which would take days, if not weeks, with pencil, paint or Photoshop. The posts here use only two Spooky Castle sets. Each set took about three days to complete but gave me dozens of different variations, four of which are posted here. I then render them out and tickle them up in Photoshop, if necessary.


Stephen Hanson said...

Paul, Hi!
Long time. I've wanted to get in touch for so long but have never been able to track you down.Would love to talk some time, if possible leave a contact number on my email which is in my blog profile. In the meantime I just want to say that I love the stuff you are putting up here, boy how our work can change with time and technology.
Hope you are well.
All the best, Steve

Michael said...

Another voice from the past here, Paul. :)
I think these Maya sketches are terrific, you seem to be entering a whole new field of artistic development.
Keep on enjoying it and keep on posting these lovely environment sketches. Please.

Anonymous said...

fantastic castle work...awesome